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Zero Waste Dinner Slow Food Beijing and The Hutong

How often have you thrown away food? The veggies in your fridge you did not know what to do with or the piece of old cheese hidden behind the pickle jar, the milk turned sour? Unfortunately, you are not alone. We live in a world where a lot of food is wasted. Daily.

Did you know that China’s college cafeterias waste enough food to sustain almost 10 million people every year? Or were you aware that each and every person in the European Union wasted 300 kg of food per year? 100kg in their personal household and 200kg via trade and production? All the industrialised countries waste half of the wheat harvest and fruit and vegetables. A lot of it, because it is too small, too big or doesn’t fit in the standard supermarket box. Potatoes that don’t fit the norm are sold for only 10% of the price and turned into animal feed or starch. Maybe we would appreciate it more, if we knew that a kilogram of apples need 1500 liters to grow and one kilogram of beef even 15,000 liters.

So stop wasting food and join us! Bring whatever food is left in your home. We’ll cook it up into a nice dinner and have a feast!