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What is Slow Food Beijing慢食北京是什么?
Slow Food was founded 25 years ago in Italy and now has chapters in 153 countries. Recently resurrected in China, Slow Food Beijing is the youngest chapter and the second Slow Food chapter in China after Shanghai. There are also chapters in Hong Kong and Macao.


Please familiarize yourself with Slow Food Beijing’s philosophy and principles:


Slow Food Beijing is a local convivium (chapter) of the international Slow Food movement that celebrates, protects and promotes food that is good, clean and fair.

Good food is delicious, fresh and seasonal, natural (meaning not overly processed). Slow Food Beijing protects cultural food heritage such as indigenous varieties of plants and animal breeds as well as traditional techniques in food production.

Clean food is grown sustainably without exploiting the land on small to mid-size farms without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, preferably with local seeds in an environmentally responsible
manner that respects animals, the environment and is not harmful to our health.


Fair food is produced by farmers and artisans who have food sovereignty: they are free to choose how, when, where and what food they produce. They are adequately remunerated and respected for their work. Slow Food encourages and supports accessibility and fair prices for good, clean and fair food. This involves selecting future partners with Slow Food Beijing.


Slow Food Beijing achieves this by:

Building networks to connect producers with consumers 建立生产者与消费者之间的联系
Bringing farmers, chefs and consumers closer together to open market channels and encourage more people to grow, use and consume good, clean and fair products 将农民,厨师和消费者联系在一起了来开启市场渠道并且鼓励更多人种植,使用和消费优质,洁净和公平的食物。
Protecting bio-diversity: safeguard local and indigenous dishes made according to traditional methods by introducing them through tastings and other educational workshops.

Giving strong preference to foods that are grown and produced sustainably by small farmers and producers who practice traditional skills and methods.

Events 活动
Slow Food Beijing offers activities to promote these values with local meals, tastings, lectures and workshops, producer and farm visits, food movie screenings and many more ways.


Meetings 会议
You are welcome to get involved and join our meetings which happen approximately twice a month. We are always open to new ideas. An email with the meeting invite and location will be sent around.

Internet 网络 <>
Facebook Beijing/329853110397132
Twitter: @SlowfoodBeijing

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Alice Giusto or Kerstin Bergmann via

如果您有任何疑问或者建议,请通过 联系Alice Giusto or Kerstin Bergmann

Slow Food Beijing Cherry Picking at God’s Grace Garden

In God’s Grace Garden, a farm one hour south-west of Beijing, 3000 cherry trees wait to be picked. Each year end of May, when the cherries are ripe, many of them are eaten by flocks of birds.


Come help Therese Zhang , one of Beijing’s local farmers harvest these cherries while on this beautiful biodynamic farm with fields of plants, fruit trees, and free-roaming farm animals. Therese and her staff will prepare a delicious Chinese buffet lunch using produce from her farm (there will be also be cherry pancakes1). Learn what a biodynamic farm actually is and enjoy a beautiful Sunday in concert with nature.

Where: God’s Grace Garden is located one hour by car south-west of Beijing’s city center.
Jiang village, Liangxiang town, Fangshan District, Beijing 102446

When: Sunday, May 26, 2013. 11:00 – 16:00.
The bus leaves at 10:00 from the parking lot next to the Kempinski Hotel (subway line 10, Liangmaqiao).

Costs: Including transportation and meal RMB250 for Slow Food members; others pay RMB300 which includes a Slow Food membership. If you come with your own car, please deduct 30RMB.

Reservation: To make a reservation, please send an email to by May 20th. Tickets are limited to 35 people, so please do not make a reservation until you are really sure you’re going.